Our Personal Story:

Photography & Film are everything to us, it is our life, our extreme obsession, our art...


My name is Austin Williams & this my wife/sidekick, Nicole.


We both met in college in Nampa, Idaho where I was studying Film.

I studied and obsessed over every beautiful film out there & eventually wanted to be a

Director of Photography one day (people who setup lighting for movie scenes).

I've watched, studied, obsessed over every award winning film in existence. I yearned to learn how film production studios lit every scene & I thoroughly enjoyed listening to great film scores on a constant basis.

Being almost finished with film school, I purchased my very first camera.

When holding it in my hand for the first time, I immediately felt the need to take photos of everyone and everything around me like I was documenting something spectacular while learning the ropes. Of course, like every starting photographer, I went through some bumps here and there, but I persevered & had the extreme urge to figure it out the best I could.


I couldn't stop taking photos. And when I wasn't taking photos... I was learning this amazing hobby.

Eat. Sleep. Take photos. Repeat.


It was my dream & obsession to become a great photographer.

Taking photos of people in general was very exciting but also daunting since I also didn't want to fail & present something mediocre. Surprisingly, people were enjoying what I was capturing to a degree where I wanted to do photography full time.

The time I met Nicole...

...my entire life changed drastically (in the best way possible).

I immediately fell in love with her the moment I saw her...

Nicole and I were inseparable in college & always tried to be with each other every chance we could.


"I'm pretty sure this is what love feels like... I Love you."

Realizing this was the best feeling of all time, I needed to capture love on camera and eventually took photographs of a wedding two months later. From then on I learned everything there was to know about weddings.

Years after Nicole & I got married, Nicole wanted to become a wedding photographer too... PERFECT!

She had this immense passion for it as well & was the first one to have her images go viral all over the world from a wedding at Glacier National Park. It was an incredible moment!

We had the grand idea of starting Adventure Wedding Photography where we would travel to beautiful places & take photos of those who are in love and present the final images in the highest quality we can possibly produce.

To do this, we had to work very hard for many years in multiple jobs to save up for the equipment we needed: better cameras, better lenses, better editing equipment, investing our time in extensive learning, seminars, podcasts, documentaries on other photographers, business & marketing, and much more than we can list.

We also sought out knowledge from other semi-pro/master photographers by asking for criticism of the images of what we had captured and fine tuned everything until everything CLICKED.

We eventually figured out what we wanted to do to stand out as great photographers: candid shots of pure emotion, laughing, having an amazing time with loved ones, crying, hugging, kissing, gazing into each other's eyes, & a sense of one's surroundings with landscape imagery. Pure Romance! We focus on you as the subject and the things around you and try to balance it to perfection in one image. When viewing an image, you should be able to see a story without words to describe it. This is a true photograph.

We currently reside in Eagle, ID with our amazing dogs named Thunder (Husky) & Sage (Aussie) & 2 Cats named Mocha & Yoshi (Calico).


Thank you for reading our story!

We strive to have the best photos & film for your session/event. We will go out of our way so you have the best quality, capture the most exquisite images, have the best customer service, and edit/present you the photos

in mere weeks that we hope you with cherish for the rest of your life.



+ my pups!

+ hiking

+ mountains

+ potatoes

+ hummus

+ helping others

+ the office

+ reading

+ impractical jokers

+ anything Benedict Cumberbatch

+ my pups!

+ editing photos/film while listening to film scores
+ making people laugh

+ pizza

+ working out to eat more pizza

+ taking photos of Nicole (she's beautiful)

+ going to the movies with friends

+ playing video games with friends

+ painting in photoshop

+ breweries plus great food with friends and family



+ Lord Of The Rings

+ The Count of Monte Cristo

+ Three Amigos

+ Pride and Prejudice

+ Lord Of The Rings

+ Back to the Future

+ La La Land

+ Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind



+ Mumford & Sons

+ Nathaniel Rateliff

+ Muse

+ Radiohead

+ Royskopp

+ Film Soundtracks

We are always looking for couples who we can enjoy hanging out with and be friends with!

We are going to be by your side the entire wedding day... so it's best that we get to know one another! :)

Austin & Nicole Williams - austin@adventureweddingphotography.com