Our Editing Process


Here at Adventure Wedding Photography,

we carefully edit every image in your gallery to



We invest thousands of dollars in our editing & camera equipment every year + learn new tricks & techniques to take everything to the next level.

Other wedding photographers claim to have their own unique style but will provide you with hundreds of photos that are purchased "One-click" batch edits that could take us 2-4 hours to replicate. Not joking...

Our unique editing techniques take us 40-90 hours per wedding album

Adventure Wedding Photography takes a drastically different approach and handles each image with precision, creativity, exclusivity, and stunning detail.

Every image we edit has the following:

100% color corrected

Finely tuned sharpness

Pixel dotted, painted, & corrected

Distortion free

Alignment Adjustments (No Sideways/Dutch Angles)

Scratch, Dust, & Particle Free

Darks & Lights are finely tuned

receive your images in an unheard amount of time (4-6 Weeks)

Austin & Nicole Williams - austin@adventureweddingphotography.com