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We treasure your memories as if they're our own

A Husband & Wife Team with 15+ Years experience

Specializing in
Wedding Photography Art & Breathtaking Cinema


Free Travel across the United States
Based in Eagle, Idaho

We Frequently Travel to the following States:
Idaho - Wyoming - Montana - Oregon - Washington - Colorado - Nevada - Arizona - California - Hawaii


"...they truly have found a way to stop time
and give you back the most memorable day of your life..."

Lorna & Emanuel - Red Lodge, Montana

 "They deliver exceptionally high-quality work.
We couldn't be happier with our photos and video
– absolutely worth every penny."

TaeLynn & Steffan - Boise, Idaho

"...The moments they captured were AMAZING..."
Hilarie & Derik - Medicine Bow, Wyoming

"...They captured pictures that we never would have thought about requesting..."
Katie & Martin - Bozeman, Montana



Mountain Ridge


Nicole Williams
Austin Williams


Hey there, I'm Austin Williams, and standing right by my side is my amazing partner and co-adventurer, Nicole.

Our story began in the heart of Nampa, Idaho, during our college days. Back then, I was deep into the world of cinema, studying the art of filmmaking. I wasn't just a film enthusiast; I was obsessed with every beautiful film out there. My dream was to become a Director of Photography, the expert behind the captivating lighting in movie scenes.

I poured over every award-winning film, analyzing their magic and losing myself in their incredible music soundtracks. As my time in film school drew to a close, I made a life-changing decision: I bought my very first camera.

And from that moment, my life took a profound turn. The instant I held that camera in my hands, an insatiable desire overcame me. I had to capture everything and everyone I could in photographs. It was like an addiction. "Can't... stop... taking... photos..." became my mantra.


When I wasn't taking photos, I was immersing myself in the fascinating world of photography.

My life became a rhythmic cycle of "Eat. Sleep. Take photos. Repeat," and this enchanting journey has continued since 2008.

But then came the moment I met Nicole, and it was like the universe shifted in the most beautiful way possible. Love at first sight doesn't even begin to cover it. The moment I saw her, I was entranced.

Nicole and I were inseparable, cherishing every moment we could spend together. "I'm pretty sure this is what love feels like... I love you," I told her.


Discovering this profoundness of love, I was inspired to capture its essence through my lens. Just two months later, I was photographing weddings, and that marked the start of my deep dive into the world of weddings.

A year passed, and Nicole and I decided to embark on our own shared adventure by getting married. It was around this time that Nicole, with her immense passion for photography, became eager to join me. In fact, she was the first of us to have her images go viral after a remarkable wedding shoot at Glacier National Park. The world took notice!

Together, we created Adventure Wedding Photography. This venture was all about traveling to breathtaking places, capturing the love stories of amazing couples, and delivering the most breathtaking images we could conjure.

While en route to our couples' weddings, we couldn't help but be captivated by the majestic beauty of the areas we visited. So, we started capturing the awe-inspiring scenery, and that's when we truly connected with nature. There was no turning back.

We thank you wholeheartedly for taking the time to get to know us and our journey. Right now, we call Eagle, ID, our home, where we share our lives with our cute pups, Thunder the Husky and Sage the Aussie, as well as our cat, Yoshi.

"I Love You"



+ my pets!
+ hiking

+ mountains
+ potatoes
+ hummus
+ helping others
+ the office
+ reading
+ impractical jokers
+ anything Benedict Cumberbatch




+ Lord Of The Rings
+ The Count of Monte Cristo
+ Three Amigos
+ Pride and Prejudice

+ Atonement
+ Whiplash


+ Mumford & Sons
+ Nathaniel Rateliff
+ Muse


+ my pets!
+ editing photos/film while listening to film scores
+ making people laugh

+ pizza
+ working out to eat more pizza
+ taking photos of Nicole (she's beautiful)
+ going to the movies with friends
+ playing board/video games with friends
+ painting in photoshop
+ breweries plus great restaurants (I like to eat... okay?)





+ Lord Of The Rings
+ Back to the Future
+ La La Land
+ Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
+ Inception
+ 1917


+ Radiohead
+ Royskopp
+ Film Soundtracks


Our Editing Process

At Adventure Wedding Photography, we painstakingly craft every image in your gallery to achieve absolute perfection.

We commit significant resources, investing thousands of dollars annually in our editing and camera equipment. We are constantly in pursuit of new insights and techniques, pushing the boundaries to elevate our craft.

Unlike many wedding photographers who opt for a "One-click" batch editing approach, a shortcut to expedite the process for hundreds or even thousands of photos, we refuse to compromise on the potential of each image.

Our distinctive editing methods demand 40 to 90 hours of meticulous work per wedding album, involving numerous intricate layer adjustments for each photograph.

The same unwavering dedication extends to our Cinematography services.

Adventure Wedding Photography takes an entirely distinct path, embracing precision, creativity, exclusivity, and an unwavering commitment to achieving stunning levels of detail for every image.

Every image we edit has the following:
100% color corrected
Finely tuned sharpness
Pixel dotted, painted, & corrected
Distortion free
Alignment Adjustments (No Sideways/Dutch Angles)
Scratch, Dust, & Particle Free
Darks & Lights are finely tuned
You will receive your images within 4-6 Weeks