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Wedding Tips

  • Have an Outdoor Wedding? WHITE TENTS are a must for all aspects of your wedding. White tents give your attendants shade, cools them down, and when we bounce our flash off the white fabric this creates a pleasing aesthetic to your images.

  • Have a cloudy day during your event? Perfect! This cools down the day and allows for many more options for angles of photography & film.

  • Tell your guests to not use their phone/cameras for photos until the reception. We have hundreds of images from past weddings of guests phones stealing the shot. We cannot stress enough of how annoying this is. Please have signs that tell them not to use their cameras/cell phones during your event. Ask your DJ to announce this before the ceremony happens to ensure the best results.

  • Continuing with the previous wedding tip, have your guests not post any photos from your wedding to social media until we post your sneak peeks. This way the first images from your wedding are perfect on your timeline and not your from your uncle's flip phone.

  • Set your ceremony time at 3:00pm or later (if possible) - The closer you are to sunset the better. If sunset is not possible, make sure the sun is at a 45 Degree angle in the sky. If this is not possible, and there are no clouds in the sky, you may have very harsh shadows during this very important moment!

  • During your ceremony, you want to make sure the officiant's back is to the sun To make things more clear, make sure the sun is hitting your family member's faces as they face you. This way the sunlight hits your back/side while you are standing during the ceremony.

  • Hire a reputable wedding coordinator for the best results. This is a big tip! Wedding coordinators are actually very important since they allow for more time to enjoy your wedding day. They also coordinate with vendors, like us, to make sure that everything you want is done properly and efficiently. If no wedding coordinator is available for your wedding, we can try our best to help you with anything but we prefer to make sure we are entirely focused on your photography and/or film.

  • Send your itineraries/schedule to all your major vendors ASAP! (including your photographer) This is very important to allow flexibility with add-ins on the timeline. Make sure you have everything from getting ready to a bouquet toss to sunset photos.

  • Not sure who to choose in your wedding party? Go without one! This is a new thing in the wedding industry. You won't need to worry about wedding party attire, any complications with a party, and you can have your whole day focused on yourselves.

  • Keep your family posed photos at a minimum! Please allow only those who are very close to you during this session unless you have enough time in coverage. If you allow your extended-extended family/friends (unless taking one large photo of everyone) this can delay your wedding from 1 to 2 hours! (No Joke!) Please make a list of family members that you want during this session and send this to your wedding coordinator and/or photographer asap.

  • DON'T STRESS ON THE DAY OF THE WEDDING. Trust us... you can stress all you want the days before but make sure you wake up with a smile on your face and go with the flow. If you have everything in order and you follow your photographer and/or wedding cooridnator's instructions then you will be fine. HAVE FUN AT YOUR WEDDING! This was what you planned, right? Just relax, breathe, and everything will be amazing. We Promise :)


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