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1. Planning an outdoor wedding? Opt for white tents to enhance various aspects of your special day. Not only do these tents provide shade and keep your guests cool, but when we utilize them for photography, their white fabric creates a visually pleasing backdrop for your images.

2. Worried about overcast/rainy weather during your event? Embrace it! Cloudy skies offer a unique opportunity for diverse angles in both your photography and film, adding depth and atmosphere to your visuals. Rain is also considered lucky on your wedding day and creates a unique mood that feels surreal in the final images/film.

3. To ensure your professional shots remain pristine, kindly request your guests refrain from using their phones and cameras until the reception. We've encountered countless instances where guests' devices inadvertently stole the spotlight. Consider posting signs and having your DJ/Officiant make an announcement before the ceremony to ensure the best results.

     3a. In a previous experience, we had a single officiant who made a unique announcement to the attendees. While the bride and groom stood at the altar/awning, he granted the guests a brief 30-second window to capture a photo with their phones. Following this time, guests were kindly requested to stow their devices away for the remainder of the ceremony.

4. Continuing from the previous tip, ask your guests to hold off on posting photos to social media until we unveil your sneak peeks. This way, your timeline is graced with the perfect first images from your day, not impromptu snaps from Uncle Billy's flip phone.

5. Plan your ceremony for 3:00pm or later if possible, ideally closer to sunset. Aim for atleast a 45-degree angle of the sun in the sky to avoid harsh shadows during this crucial moment. During the ceremony, position the officiant with their back to the sun. This ensures that sunlight gently bathes your family members' faces as they watch you exchange vows, leaving you with a radiant backdrop during this special occasion.

6. Invest in a trusted wedding coordinator for a seamless experience. Wedding coordinators play a pivotal role in freeing up your time to enjoy the day. They also work together with vendors, like us, to ensure your wishes are executed efficiently. If a wedding coordinator isn't available, we'll do our best to assist, but our preference is to focus exclusively on your photography and/or film.

7. Share your itineraries and schedules with your all your major vendors as soon as possible. This enables flexibility for adjustments and additions to the timeline, ensuring every moment, from preparations to sunset photos, is captured flawlessly.

8. Not sure about having a wedding party? It's a modern trend that eliminates the complexities of coordinating attire and group dynamics, allowing the day to revolve entirely around the two of you.

9. Keep your family photos session concise. Limit participation to those closest to you unless you have ample coverage time. Including extended-extended family and friends (unless for a single large group photo) can extend your wedding by 1 to 2 hours. Create a list of desired family members and promptly share it with your wedding coordinator and photographer.

     9a. In previous weddings, we've encountered situations where individuals like Uncle Billy or Aunt Cindy would inadvertently wander away from the ceremony or family photo location. This has often necessitated considerable efforts to locate them, causing significant delays. To ensure a smooth flow, immediately after the ceremony concludes, we kindly request the officiant or DJ to make an announcement, encouraging all family members to remain in the designated location.

          9b. If the wedding coordinator or DJ are busy doing other tasks (which is usually the case), designate a trustworthy family member/friend to gather your family members to the photo location.

10. On the day of the wedding, don't stress. Pre-wedding jitters are natural, but if you've prepared well and follow the guidance of your photographer and wedding coordinator, your day will be amazing. Remember, this is the day you've been planning for, so relax, breathe, and savor every moment. We promise it will be fantastic!


11. We have lost count on how many times couples write their vows down on paper THE DAY OF THE WEDDING! This creates an enormous amount of stress, can cause delays, and doesn't allow enough time to rethink any changes you may have. Type out your vows on your phone/computer first, read them outloud to yourself, and make your changes. Three paragraphs is plenty. Write them down on a nice piece of stock paper, so you can frame them later, and write them down atleast a day or two before.


1. Don't have a wedding party! Or opt for only 1 or 2 in your wedding party. This allows us to focus on you two (It is YOUR wedding... isn't it?).

2. Don't have a budget for a wedding cake/desserts? Cupcakes and/or buy those large containers of Ice Cream (yum!).

3. Flowers can be pretty spendy but if you can find the right vendor that has beautiful "fake" flowers, this helps alot and you can't see the difference (unless you are up-close and personal).

4. Don't want a DJ? Create a playlist on your phone (spotify/apple music/etc)(be sure to download the songs in case you don't have WiFi) and pick out 3 songs that are up-beat/fast and 1 song that is medium speed. Do this TWICE and then add a slow song. {(f - fast)(m - medium)(s - slow) 3f-1m-3f-1m-1s}. And repeat for as long as the reception lasts!  Also try to bring loud enough speakers so that people can hear it (speakers with a wireless microphone is a plus).

5. Don't know how to dance for your 1 on 1? Youtube has many great dance instructors!

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